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Amazing plays

Dakotaz mid-air slow-mo shotgun kill wins the game

Dakotaz executes beautiful 360 shotgun slow-mo victory royale kill. That happened yesterday. Usually, I see dakotaz just finishing guys off, but nothing too splashy, like Ninja, enjoy doing. Yes, he loves to have fun with the last players if he detects that they are not really giving him a good fight, you know, inexperienced players.

I personally love seeing those type of beautiful mid-air shots, especially when it's done in slow motion for victory royale.

In this video clip, dakotaz tried to finish the guy with his rocket launcher and get down with it. He could have easily done that because he had 7 more rockets and could have just spammed that guy until he kills him. However, once he saw that there are no builds and that guy is just trying to shoot him, this was a signal for him to make his move.

Dakotaz quickly changed to a shotgun, makes beautiful 360-turn in the air (to impress us of course, which he did obviously) and finishes the guy with a shotgun shot in the head and eliminated the guy while still in the air. The beautiful slo-mo wraps that kill with a beautiful cinematic look that is so satisfying to watch, and even better, when you are the one who makes it in the game.

Dakotaz is very confident with his use of the shotgun, he is very accurate and knows that in case he gets shot, he trusts on his build skills to protect him. Some inexperienced players that get to the last 1-vs-1 might not take a chance and risk it with such a try but dakotaz is already used to being 1st, so why not finish the game with a beautiful act, and so he did.