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Amazing plays

3 Stink bombs kill a guy hiding inside a house

Tfue eliminates a coward Fortnite Battle Royale player with stink bombs after that guy shot him from a distance and then went back to the house to hide.

That play happened after Tfue spotted a player shooting from a little house in the middle of an open green field. He actually put a few good hits on that guy, but then he entered the house and stopped shooting. Tfue didn't want to waste too much time on that dude. He took a golf cart and drove to that house. He destroyed the garage door to see if that guy was there, but he wasn't. So the only place he could be is inside the house.

Now, some players might enter the house, but most chances are that guy heard the car coming and camped with his shotgun. Well, Tfue is a very experienced Fortnite BR player and knows all of those cheap tricks.

Tfue actually had 3 Stink Bomb at his disposal an this was an excellent time to use them. The epic rarity Stink Bomb item is a consumable grenade that deals 5 damage that bypasses shield every 0.5 seconds if the player is within the gas cloud. The Stick Bomb drops from floor loot, chest loot, supply drop or supply lama.

Tfue used all of the stick bombs. The first one he threw to the door and waited for the guy to come out. He saw that the guy is not coming out, so he knew is on the right side. He went to the right side of the house and threw two grenades there. This was a very smart play because that damage stacked up and the guy was knocked down very quickly and two seconds later he was eliminated. He didn't even bother coming out of the house or maybe that gas cloud just blind his sight and he couldn't find the exit. Whatever the reason, it was a smart play and there was no need for an unnecessary engagement or risking yourself from getting shot by a shotgun and being eliminated.