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Epic fails

Hiding in a bush won't save you from Tfue

Some Fortnite Battle Royale players are quite sneaky. You see them for one moment, and when you lose a sight on them for a second, they are gone. One of the most epic player's magical disappearance plays was when TimTheTatMan was baited using the Port-a-Fort grenade.

In this video clip, Tfue was in a shootout against two guys. One guy was in sight and then went behind the hill and just hone. Tfue has decided to just jump up using the jump pad, locate him and finish him off. Why let players run away and meet them later when you can finish them right here right now.

Tfue jumped where that other player was supposed to be, but he was gone, like a ghost. Tfue seems to think for himself that it doesn't make sense. He starts shooting the two bushes, maybe that dude was hiding in one of them, but nothing.

Well, it turned out that there was one little nasty bush that wasn't that looked suspicious. A little jump revealed something weird. Yep, it was that player, hiding behind the push like a coward. That player didn't even think about shooting Tfue when he got close. Tfue released a quick shot and eliminate him.

It's hard to fool top Fortnite Battle Royale players with a bush trick and you in no way can fool Tfue. At least when you see a player when hiding in the bush, do yourself a favor and try to engage in combat.

When you hide in a bush, you can be seen in the right angle. Experiences players take the fact that some players do hide in bushes when they are on low health and this is exactly what happened here. It was a funny moment because Tfue really didn't pay too much attention to this guy, just went past him, shot him and moved on. It was so quick, that it seems like he knew he was there all along LOL.

By the way, that wasn't the Legendary bush item, just a bush which that guy went into to save himself from getting shot. I guess he figured out that he is fighting against a pro Fortnite players and really doesn't have a chance of survival. Well, for Tfue that manhunt was over and he continues on shredding other players, which weren't hiding like cowards :)