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Amazing plays

Myth shreds everyone with the epic minigun

TSM_Myth shredding Fortnite players with the epic rarity Minigun. This minigun deals 18 damage to the body and 45 to the head. That beast can hold lots of bullets and although it takes almost 5 seconds to reload, you usually won't have to do it in a single engagement.

I've been watching TSM_Myth streaming a lot this month and he loves using the minigun (more like a machine gun). Kind of a funny name for such a devastating weapon to be honest.

Fortnite Battle Royale's minigun is an amazing weapon. The Legendary ones deal 19 to the body and 47.5 to the head, so it really not a big difference in terms of damage and the epic one is great as well.

TSM_Myth used it well in this game as a support play, while shredding structures, disorienting the enemies and even getting some kills with it on the way.

I saw Ninja using the minigun also for close range build battle engagements, and it is indeed, in the right hands, it can be devastating in close range as well. However, other weapons like shotguns, assault rifles, Drum gins, Heavy shotguns, Tactical shotguns and Pump shotguns, all deal much more damage, are more accurate and therefore more deadly in close range engagements. If the other player misses shots, you have a better chance in eliminating him with the minigun.

Having said that, I think that the minigun is more suitable for destroying structures and pressuring the enemy, followed by another close range weapon. The minigun is a superb support weapon because it destroys the structures of your opponents faster than they can build. As you can see in this play, Myth destroy the structures and those who hide inside them.

It's not an accurate weapon, but if you control the recoil well, you can put quite a few shots in. Even if you don't kill anyone, you get the players to low health and let your friends finish them. Many Fortnite players prefer not to engage a bare face against a person with a minigun it's just too risky. It's better to take cover and try to get peeks and shoot the minigun shooter down. Even if you get it, you don't lose a lot of health because of the relatively low impact of the gun.

I really like how TSM_Myth is using the minigun. He put a lot of global pressure on the zones, forcing his opponents to hide behind structures, which opens up a room for his squad to push forward without getting hit, while meantime he also flanks them and destroys the back of the structure where the enemies are not looking at. This way, he can get some kills because the enemies aren't ready for an attack from the side, especially not from behind.

That was a beautiful minigun gameplay that lead to a sweet victory.