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Fortnite standoff ends with a surprise bouncer pad kill

The jump pad, more accurately, the bouncer wall pad, is one of the most used items by Ninja in Fortnite Battle Royale. In this video clip, he and VaguerRat68485 were fighting against the last guy. They were on one side and the other guy was and the other side in a small storm circle.

Both sided shot each other, but that battle didn't end. Ninja, however, has many surprises under its sleeves and a master of jump and bouncer wall pads trick shots.

So why fight against a player like that when you can end that battle royale battle easily in a more creative way. That exactly what Ninja did. First of all, you can see that he tries to measure the build and bouncer pad placement before he executes the move. He makes sure the jump pad is selected and he carefully plans how he intends to execute the build.

Once he knows the plan, he executes it. He quickly runs and builds the wall in a way that will put him in the right height above the other player and position the bouncer pad in the direction where he wants to go. After that, he jumps on the pad that pushes him way above where the other player is located.

The opponent is hiding, so he didn't see Ninja making that actual jump. A second later Ninja is behind him taking him down. This takes like a few seconds to do all that and usually, players don't expose themselves to such a long time in order to not get hit. This is a great opportunity to pull up some surprising moves with the bouncer pad.