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Amazing plays

Grenade launcher kills guy way up the mountain

Ninja beautiful grenade launcher Fortnite BR win. Ninja was playing at ESPY awards with athlete special guests. This was his first win since he started streaming today. He was in a situation where there were opponents on the mountain with height advantage sniping at them.

Ninja tried to snipe back but got hit several times. Good for him is that there was a good circle that closes towards where they were and forced the other guys to move lower on the mountain. Before that, they were on to of the mountain, and Ninja wasn't able to use the grenade launcher in that distance.

Once the storm circle shrunk and they were in a lower position, Ninja used his grenade launcher to eliminate the last guy and win the game.

The opponent was confident that he can still revive his teammate and get control over the situation, but Ninja had a tool to help him deal with that situation, a grenade launcher!

That guy was cornered, and even if he decided to get down, Ninja probably would have shot the wooden build and make him fall towards the ground. Anyways, He was smart using the grenade launcher in this situation, spam those nades and won the game.

I personally think that the grenade launcher is a very useful weapon but not many players use it. It can be really important in the last fight for victory royale where the storm circle is very small and Fortnite players are forced to build fortresses in order to protect themselves. The grenade launcher (also the rocket launcher) are great weapons that can quickly destroy any built fortress and if you have many bullets, you can actually cause the other player to finish his materials and even kill him.

When you just snipe, you also risk yourself in getting sniped as well. so this way, Ninja just popped out and spam those grenades. You can see that Ninja also jumps when he shoots the grenade launcher, so he won't get a headshot while he shoots them. Smart play and quick win.