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Amazing plays

Awe-inspiring Fortnite Port-a-Fort bait

This was such a smart play. A guy baited TimTheTatman thinking that he is currently in the self-built metal structure. TimTheTatman went after him using C4 to destroy the structure and hopefully eliminate him a second later, but that guy was nowhere to be found.

A Fortnite Battle Royale magician? probably not, just a smart guy that just built the structure and just fled away from the place. The thought he was still there, but by the time the building collapsed, Tim and his friends have discovered that they were outplayed by a very smart defensive play. The player probably was alone and figured out that he cannot win a fight against an entire squad and decided to flee. He built that structure to cover his escape and bait TimTheTatman and his teammates think he is there.

This item that this guy used is called Port-a-Fort, which is essentially an instant fort-building grenade. This item is a great defensive item and you can use it when you are in trouble to quickly build a metal fort and hide inside it. It's very useful when you are also out of materials and in open space. However, in this video clip, this guy actually taught us of another good use for it. It was such a smart decision. He was actually on a hill, so he could escape without the other team seeing him escaping. He knew that even with this Port-a-Fort grenade, he has little chance of survival.

An amazing play to be honest. Later on, Tim and his teammates were eliminated. I wonder if that guy was one of them, if so, chapeaux.

We learn new things about how to play Fortnite Battle Royale every day. It's such a dynamic game with items that with some creativity, can help you survive longer and even win the game. I didn't get to see who this other guy was but great play.

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