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Clever Fortnite battle disengagement using bouncer pads

TSM_Myth IQ200 escape is awe-inspiring. Not every great Fortnite Battle Royale play is about killing, sometimes is about knowing how to disengage and get to a safe place in order not to die and lose the game.

In this play, TSM_Myth was cornered by three guys attacking him from different directions. One guy on his left (the one that he tried to eliminate in the first place), a one in front of him that continued shooting rockets towards him and one in the building from the right, but I don't think he knew he was there (later he was shot by that dude in the building and was eliminated).

Anyways, he couldn't survive for a long time against those rockets. If it was just that guy, he could close the distance and try to get him, but because of he was dealing with another guy that potentially shoot him once he initiates a counter-attack, he has decided that the best thing is just fleeing and go to a safe place.

Myth did it beautifully by using the bouncer pads to quickly get out of danger. He quickly built a 2-store wall, one for protecting himslef while he is in mid-air to prevent the guy from the left shooting him. The second low wall was to put the bouncer pad on and push him on the opposite direction where the enemies where.

The he put the second and third bouncer pads while building walls to protect him from damage. Because the movement was linear, he had to build walls because his movement direction is very predicted and the enemy could just lock on his pathing and take him down. He eventually arrived at a house that protected him from being shot by the two guys that were outside and targeting him.

This is a very smart play. Sometimes in Fortnite you need to know when it's the best time fight and sometimes you need to understand that there is a low chance of survival in a certain engagement and you need to know when it's the best time to just disengage and rethink your stratigic options.

This is expected from a very experienced Fortnite Battle Royale player and it shows me how intelligent TSM_Myth is as a player. I enjoyed watching that defensive move, beautifully executed.

What do you guys think?