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Funny/WTF moments

OMEGALUL four Fortnite players died from golf cart crash

Such a funny moment happened a few days ago in Fortnite Battle Royale. I was watching TimTheTatman stream. He and his buddies took the golf cart on a large ramp that they have built up. The moment they get to the end of the track that they've built, Tim ask them: "Don't we die from this?!", a second next all four fall down to their depth, OMEGALUL!!!

The good news has they just tried it in the game, so everyone is safe. But come on, what do you expect when falling from that high, that the golf cart will block the impact and save you?

Look at the kill feed on the left side: "SypherPK played themselves", "CouRageJD's.landing was below par (48m)", "BasicallyIDoWrk checked out early" and "imtimthetatman checked out early", LOL I'm sure those who played with them were shocked to see all four eliminated like that, but I don't think they can imagine how they died, that was such a funny moment.