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Amazing plays

Ninja squad-wipe with consecutive accurate shots

Ninja shooting sharp as a surgical knife, eliminating an entire squad of four players from mid-range and close range positioning. If I wouldn't know who Ninja was and playing against him in this match, I would probably have thought that I am playing against an aimbot hacker. Sometimes you don't get to put all those shots in as other Fortnite players move all the time. This time, however, in that particular play, Ninja was just spot on every bullet, both using the sniper rifle and auto rifle.

At the distance where those players are, you need to aim at very small single pixel areas and make sure you are well aware of there movement so you can move the crosshair for consecutive hits. If you played Counter Strike: GO you know what I am talking about. Ninja was a professional CS: GO player, so he is very trained in those type of mid-range combat scenarios and he is very trained in putting those bullets exactly where they belong.

In fact, Fortnite is probably a more forgiving playground for him, because he has plenty of space to control his distance from the other player as he likes. The main difference is of course that in Fortnite: Battle Royale players have the option to build defensive structures. So even if you fight against a person in the mid-range distance, he can easily blog your sight and force you to CQC.

This is why a shotgun is such an important weapon in any Fortnite player's arsenal because it can end 1-vs-1 fights in a split of a second in favor of the one who owns it.

Still, it's the combination of both mid-range and melee (close-range) combat that players need to master. You need to do both well, in order to succeed in a Fortnite Battle Royale engagements.

In this video clip, you can see Ninja mastering both combat ranges. He starts with a mid-range attack to lower the other player's health and disorient them. If you get kills from that distance, great because the other player doesn't notice you, so you have the advantage and you can pull off some satisfying headshot eliminations right there. This is exactly what Ninja did.

A moments later, Ninja quickly closes the gap for a close-range fight and he does that for a few main reasons. The first one is to not let the other teammates of the opponent team revive their teammates, second, not let those who got hit time to drink shield minis or use health packs to restore their shield and health. Third, he needs to take advantage of the fact that only a few players are left standing and they probably are busy in trying to understand the situation, being on the defensive side, trying to revive their teammate, etc, and this is the best time to attack and gain the upper hand.

When other Fortnite BR players are on the defensive, they usually hide behind a structure, which blocks their view of the opponent. They might not even know where the opponent is coming from, so Ninja could potentially just surprise them from the back, but in this case, it would just take too much time and it's better just to finish them off as fast as possible, because every second count here, and another player can pop out from anywhere, one that isn't a part of the group you are fighting against, and finish you off while you are dealing with the first group.

For some players it might look like this is just a standard play, but it's not, it's very smart tactical thinking that becomes second nature when you are so trained in playing Fortnite like Ninja is. If you wee in the same situation, try to imagine what do you think you have done. It's a great video that can teach newbies about how to approach this type of battles.

You can see that Ninja was facing that squad with just one of his teammate being at a far distance, furthermore, they were building structures and he has just had a surprise attack and location disadvantage which made him win that fight. So even if you are a good builder, there are some ways to take you down with some smart tactical play like Ninja did in this clip.

So overall, a very smart play from Ninja with amazing accurate consecutive hits.