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Funny/WTF moments

Ninja trolls a player with amazing trap winning kill

Ninja trolling a guy with traps for victory royale. This was such an amusing play. So the play goes out like this. Ninja was with only one other guy left in that Fortnite Battle Royale match. That guy was nowhere to be found. So Ninja assumed he was hiding in the trees somewhere.

It took a glide there and spotted him from above, hiding inside a little structure. Ninja put a trap outside the door and dance in order to bait the guy to come out. Well, this didn't work. Ninja decided to take that to the next step. He got in and saw that the guy is in the far end. He then put more traps on both the floor and the walls and got out.

The funny thing is that the other guy then rushed after Ninja and the moment you see Ninja get outside the door, you see that beautiful slow-mo victory royale wins with the other guy being eliminated the moment he reaches the door and able to release one shot of his gun. That was such an epic moment.

A smart player would never put himself in such a position, or at least when he sees another player trapping him in, he would use the pickaxe to break one of the other walls and get out.

For those type of campers, Ninja likes to punish them by trolling them all the way. This guy was rekt for sure and Ninja delivered yet another entertaining victory royale win in Fortnite BR.