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Amazing plays

Smart tactical rush with jump pad leads to victory

Dakotaz beautifully closes in on the last player in Fortnite Battle Royale that has a height advantage, distracts him than use the jump pad to quickly close the distance and eliminates him with a surprise attack using his shotgun for a sweet and satisfying victory royale.

I really love that play. Both dakotaz and the other last standing player knew where the other player was. The other player had a height advantage so it was easier for him to pinpoint dakotaz location and hit him. Furthermore, he built a big structure on an island.

That being said, all the buildings in the world nor a height advantage can help you against an intelligent Fortnite player who knows a few tricks or two and knows how to take advantage of the items that he's got.

Dakotaz made very important moves here. He planned on rushing and attacking this guy. If not, he would have found himself in a disadvantaged position where the circle would be where the water is and he would need to start spending lots of material to build at least as the height where his opponent is.

Even when that is done, he probably might have a material disadvantage for a building battle.

The best strategic move was to quickly end this battle by surprising the player. The player was blinding himself with all those protective builds that he did. Dakotaz then started his move. He first made a few shots to make the player hide. When he did, he quickly built a ramp, put the jump pad on and jumped towards the enemy.

He landed on the side, so the other player didn't even see him. He was actually in the middle of breaking the ceiling of the structure that he built to protect himself. Then dakotaz shot him while he was still using his pickaxe and eliminate him.

There is a lot to learn from this smart strategic play if you are a Fortnite Battle Royale player. Sometimes it seems that you are in a tight corner and have very little options, but with smart tactical thinking and smart utilization of your items, you can get out of danger in almost any situation.