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Sniper shots

Ninja sweet sneak peek no scope sniper kill win

Ninja pulls off an amazing sneak peek no scope sniper kill for the win in Fortnite Battle Royale. We usually see this quite a lot, players trying to make quick no scopes while being behind cover.

The great things about this play, however, is that it took Ninja just a single snipe to finish that guy the moment he got off his cover. Jn many stand-off occasions you usually the two parties exchanging sniper shots until one is able to finish the other guy off. Sometimes you lose, sometimes the other guy is able to put that perfect headshot and win the match.

This is why that move was so exciting for Ninja. He probably expected a fire exchange but it ended very quickly with a single laser-accurate headshot into that guy's head for a sweet and satisfying Fortnite Battle Royale win.

When doing those sneak peeks, it's important to consider that Fortnite is played in third-person perspective, and move the character in a way that your head is not exposed but you can still see the location of the other player or players. This way, you can time out the shot the moment you see the other guy peeking or getting out of cover. The other guy can't see you unless he is a bit over you or jumps so he can get an angle and see where you are.

I think that that guy that fought against Ninja in that match, he thought that Ninja doesn't see him and he quickly got out from cover in order to surprise Ninja. Well, Ninja is too experienced and you can't trick him with that. Sweet win.