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Sniper shots

Unbelievable victory royale headshot of a guy airborne

Domthebom12 makes an incredible sniper air shot in Fortnite Battle Royale, killing an airborne guy gliding in the sky after jumping from a jump pad. The moment happened after domthebom12 and his friend rafa3stix were among the three last standing. There was only one guy left to kill. They already saw that guy uphill. Domthbom12 didn't have a clear shot of the guy because he was hiding behind a tree.

The enemy than used a jump pad, because he figured out that he is an easy target there and there was no other place to hide. He put out his jump pad position it behind the tree and use it to jump out. I don't know why domthebom12 didn't just shoot that tree down.

Nonetheless, the guy flies in the air and domthebom12 takes a clean headshot and take that guy out while he is airborne and win that Fortnite BR match.

Usually, when you use the jump pad to get out of danger, it usually works out for you. I think that this guy just didn't expect such an impossible headshot. He could have gone down the hill by foot, but it was too risky. I guess he did whatever he could under the circumstances.

This is the first time that I've seen someone getting a victory royale in Fortnite after killing a guy gliding in the air, it was a truly epic moment and amazing play. Please vote if you like it.