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Ninja bounce ait shot victory Royale finisher

Another epic shot of Ninja eliminating a guy while jumping off the bouncer (jump pad) in the air and finishing a guy using his shotgun. That slow motion makes it even more beautiful.

Just look at this clip. Ninja was playing with TimTheTatman. Tim was actually using the golf emote near that guy while Ninja came flying in the air finishing this guy off.

Ninja just keeps delivering unbelievable epic trick shots. He loves using the jump pad for these type of moves. When you come to think of it, it's the better options you have to close up a long distance. It's very hard to land a shot while moving fast in the air but Ninja has practiced and perfected that move so you are not surprised when you see him doing it.

I was laughing so hard watching Tim using that emote, but that guy was already knocked down.

I am currently watching Ninja streaming and I always wait to see his finishing moves. The thing is with Ninja, that most of the time he wins, so it's not that you need to wait a long time to watch him do his amazing trick shots.

Another fantastic play that worth clipping and definitely worth sharing on this website. Don't forget to vote!