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Amazing plays

Ninja 360 Slow-mo pickaxe kill victory royale

The Fortnite victory royale slow-mo finisher is such an amazing feature. It really makes you enjoy that last second of finishing the second player standing. It makes the end of each match so much more satisfying.

In this clip, you can see Ninja winning the match with a slow-mo 360 pickaxe kill. It's the first time I get to see a Fortnite player winning a match with the pickaxe with that slow-motion effect and it does look so epic. Ninja continues to produce such epic plays and this is yet another amazing play you can expect from one of the top Fortnite players in the world (and my favorite streamer).

You usually don't take a chance to kill the second last standing player with a pickaxe, unless he is a very bad player. If you do want to get that stunning slow-mo pickaxe kill move, you need to first reduce the other player's health. This is exactly what Ninja did in this gameplay. He first made a few shots, made sure the other player is very low on health and then jumped on him and eliminated him with a single slash of his pickaxe in his face.

This was definitely one of the most impressive Fortnite slow motion Victory Royale videos that I've seen to date.

Ninja loves killing with the pickaxe, but it usually happens when he knows that the other guy can't really put out a good fight. Is like telling him: "OK buddy, I give you a chance, I am with a pickaxe, you are with everything you have.". Of course, Ninja takes it every time and it's really fun to watch, not sure about the other player, but I enjoy watching those funny moments.