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Epic fails

Confident strong push failed miserably

In this video clip, you can see dakotaz pushing hard towards another player with great confidence but the being taken down in mid-air with a single shot.

Dakotaz is an amazing skilled Fortnite Battle Royale player. He is among those players that don't wait for the other guy to attack but take any opportunities to push and quickly eliminate the other player and move on.

In that play, dakotaz was very confident in his play. He got hit, but he also dealt quite a lot of damage to the other player. Maybe he was too confident in his play, but when it comes to shotguns, it's really a one-shot kill so it can happen to him as it could have happened to the other guy. The guy who is able to put that shotgun shot in wins the duo.

What I liked about that play is that dakotaz was so confident, rushed in fast, build fast and I was expecting a great mid-air shotgun elimination, but instead he dropped down in mid-air and eliminated. That was quite funny to watch to watch but it's really rare to see dakotaz being outplayed when he rushes like that. That guy was just ready with his shotgun towards the air where he expected dakotaz to jump on him and he got it right this time.

I think that dakotaz should have healed. As you can see, he had some mini health packs, but even then, that shotgun shot would have taken him down anyways because he had no shield. With a full shield, he could have sustained a body shot but it was a good try though.