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Epic fails

Failed golf cart roadkill

Dakotaz failed attempt to run a guy over with a golf cart for victory royale lead to his elimination but his team won anyway. This epic fail play happened today while I was watching dakotaz (Fortnite name "Dark"). He was playing with his friends Fazedaddy and Yello, both Fortnite streamers as well.

Dakotaz and his teammates were at 3 vs 1 and they know they are going to win. Dakotaz didn't want that victory royale to be boring and asked his teammates not to kill that last guy.

He has decided to make a memorable win by running a guy over with Fornite Season 5's golf cart. I had to give it to dakotaz, this could actually be an epic win for a long 'intense" battle royale match.

Dakotaz took the golf cart and start moving around while his teammates telling him where the guy is, He tried the first time and failed, in the second time he hit the guy but nothing happened. It made me wonder if you can even kill someone by running him over with the golf cart in Fortnite.

The other guy didn't plan to let that happen and shot dakotaz until he knocked him down, The storm circle was already closing down fast and dakotaz found himself out of the storm's eye and eventually died.

No worry though, his other teammates, now that dakotaz failed to make a roadkill gave themselves the permission to eliminate the last guy to achieve victory royale. This was a nice attempt but eventually, lead to an epic fail.