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Epic fails

Failed trap bait attempt and satisfying payback

Some players in Fortnite make me laugh so hard. In this clip, you can see a player trying to bait dakotaz to run over his traps. I had to give it to that player's creative thinking, but come on, he didn't expect other players to fall for it that bad. I mean, at least put the trap in the other room, not right where the stairways end so anyone can see them, it should surprise the player.

Well, as you can imagine, dakotaz didn't fall for it. He actually outsmarts that guy. He climbed up the stairs back, use his pickaxe to break the floor and surprise the player from above. It's like dakotaz was saying: "Do you really think you can fool me with that cheap trick buddy?".

Well, lesson learned here. Even if you don't see a trap, but a player is running from you without doing nothing and it happens in a building, you better watch out because someone is probably trying to get you into a previously placed trap.

Dakotas could easily shoot those traps, but even if he did, he would still need to get into that room where the other player probably waiting to shoot him with a shotgun the moment he gets in. You can see that the player shut the door and stood on the right side. This is the side where the door opens, so he can get a clear shot at dakotaz when he comes in.

Everything was planned well, but this cheap trick will only work with newbies or Fortnite players who have no idea what they are doing or have experience in that types of plays. Even if you do die from it, you learned your lesson that time and you are not going to make this mistake. Funny play, I liked it.