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Sniper shots

Sick no scope sniper kill of guy getting out of a rift

In this Fortnite Battle Royale video, you can see dakotaz make an impossible snipe and taking out a player that just got out from a rift up in the sky. Rifts are scattered throughout the map in Season 5 of Fortnite Battle Royale.

They are shiny spots that when you pass through them, you are teleported away from where you are and appear high in the sky. Once the rift is used by the first player who passes through, it consumed. Fortnite players use it to run away from other players or travel to a different location after they finished looting an area.

Other players can see the cracks in the sky and know that these are exit areas and players can come out from them. This is also a great opportunity to try to damage those players that just came out by aiming at the sky and try to take them out. Of course, this is very hard to even get a single hit because they are moving at a fast speed as they travel towards the ground.

Now hitting them with an assault rifle, even a single hit looks way too hard and with a sniper rifle, it seems almost impossible. Well, some players like dakotaz don't care. In this video, you can see him aiming at a player that just got out from a rift. He misses the first shot but the seconds one killed the player with a no scope headshot kill while he was way up in the sky.

of course, he aimed for that player, but the chances of that small bullet hitting the other players head at such a long distance and while the player is moving at high speed is just nothing but remarkable.

Players try it because it's so satisfying once you do get it and this is a play that you want your streamers to clip and share it with others. A moment to beholds and saved for others to see and this is exactly why I've decided to share that moment with you.

I've been watching hundreds of Fortnite streaming hours and I never got a chance to see someone in Season 5 that was able to make such an impressive headshot of someone getting out of a rift.

It's very satisfying seeing the other player just drop down like a fly from the sky. Just imagine what that player thought when he was hit by that shot. He probably thought that it was a hacker, little he knew that he was owned by an amazing Fortnite player.

A superb sniper shot by dakotaz, definitely one that will be remembered for a long time.