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Funny/WTF moments

Hilarious DrLupo chicken run for survival

This was such a funny moment in Realm Royale where Ninja watching DrLupo as the last survivor in the squad, running away like mad as a chicken. That funny chicken run took place after the entire squad turned into chickens one by one. When you turn into a chicken, the game gets intense, because you know you have the opportunity to survive, you aren't dead completely just yet.

You know that a bullet can hit you every second and the other players are running after you to finish you off. That close up shot of DrLupo running like mad as a chicken was so funny, I just laughed my ass out watching this.

I think that the developer should make some hidden sport where chickens can hide fast, like maybe like small holes underneath the buildings where in some places, they will have a chance to survive. This way, players might pay attention to where they are and where those hide places are, so if they turn into a chicken in an intense group fight, they will have a greater chance to survive.

In this case, DrLupo just had no chance, he was cornered in a tight corridor and it was easy for the enemy to shoot and take him out. Ninja was also very entertained watching his teammate DrLupo running like mad trying to survive. It was a really funny moment.