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Funny/WTF moments

Ninja runs away like a chicken and get sniped

In this video, you can see Ninja playing Realm Royale, runs like a chicken and get snipped. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that Ninja runs like a chicken in a way that he was a coward, hell no, he was actually turned into a chicken when he got shot by a sniper.

When you turn into a defenseless chicken, you have 30 seconds to try to survive. After that time you are revived back. The problem is that in chicken form, you have nothing to do but run away. You also make noises that make it easy to find you. Ninja did the best he can to run away and he almost made it out but at the last few seconds the sniper got on his position and sniped him once again.

He tried to trick the sniper by zigzagging around the river area but the sniper was literally on his tail the whole time without giving him a chance to escape. Furthermore, in that chicken form, your maneuverability is limited as well and surviving as a chicken is really hard. You are literally dependent on your teammate to defend you until you are revived back.

That chicken thing is really a cool idea, Unlike Fortnite where you literally can do nothing when knocked out, just wait for a player to revive you. In Real Royale, you actually get a chance to be mobile and run away.

The only advantages that you have as being a chicken are that you are small and this makes it harder for players to hit you. Furthermore, you can hide in places without other players being able to spot you. So it's not that when you are turned into a chicken you are totally helpless, you have the option to try to survive.

Fun watching Ninja plays Realm Royale. I really like this game, I think it brings a breath of fresh air to the Battle Royale genre and it's really fun both to play and watch other players playing it online.