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Amazing plays

Stink bomb and walls can't stop Ninja

A really smart play by Ninja. He was 1-vs-1 against a guy near the stairs. That player threw a stink bomb that dealt DoT to Ninja. Ninja had a bad angle on him and that player kept building defense walls to prevent Ninja was shooting him.

That player played very defensively and actually didn't let Ninja come any closer to him. It was a good defensive play, I won't lie. However, this is not Battlefield or Call of Duty, this is Fortnite. So what Ninja did was instead of pushing forward, he just ruined the floor below him and shot that guy from the first floor. Yep 200 IQ play right there boyz.

In Fortnite, it's all about taking advantage of every piece of utility you've got to overcome your opponents. The more skilled you are with those many items, build mode and weapons, and unique tactical plays, the greater the chance you'll be able to eliminate your enemy.