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Amazing plays

Ghost Saf wins against two players for King Pin Bonus

Ghost Saf gets a victory royale at the second match of Summer Skirmish Week 5 against two other players, SkirmishAdmin2 and iHesi TTV. Ghost Ssaf got a King Pin bonus for his team which grants 3x multiplayer to next game's points.

Ghost Saf was actually at a very good position with a full medkit, campfire and had a high ground. He was fighting against two other players below him so he could have taken the healing strategy. Which means that now with the circle so small, there is no way to flank and he just needs to heal up to make sure he survives longer than those below him and h wins. However, this is a risky play as well, because the other team might also have healing capabilities and even worse, one can give the other guy all his meds so he stays alive longer during that the last circle.

So instead of staying up, he pushes down and takes advantage of the high ground and knocks down the first player and then eliminated the last player to win the match. At the end of the match Ghost SAF secures King Pin Bonus to his team, he and his teammate Ghost Ghoul. Now they are with 5 points after that match in the 5th place. So they need to be very aggressive to capitalize on that bonus in the next match of Fortnite Battle Royale Summer Skirmish Week 5 event.