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Amazing plays

Great duos flanking in Summer Skirmish Week 5

A great flank play by a player in Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 5 Format duos. You can that one player fights against two players, while his teammate takes advantage of a blind spot in the hill to flank that other team and surprise them from behind. This is a classic duo play executed beautifully by these two players: TwitchTVFunnzy301 and vvPunisher. In that play, they have eliminated Liquid72hrs and another C9 player who both were positioned second in the overall scoring. so this play helped this squad to prevent that team from getting a much higher score.

Of course, those players don't know who the players are unless those players get knocked down and eliminated and see this in the middle of the screen or in the kill feed.

In general, that play could have been dangerous if it was done on a flat surface, but that player took advantage of the surface deformation and that hidden area to sneak behind that squad. They had no idea that guy was coming to them from behind, really amazing play.

I really love this Week 5 format. In this format you get 1 point for each elimination, 7+ eliminations give you wrecking ball bonus (2x score on the next round) and if you win victory royale, you get King Pin bonus, which triples your score in the next match (the bonus doesn't stack).