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Amazing plays

Coordinated shot in duos to eliminate a player fast

Here we can see an amazing duo play. This play was taken at King Pin Week 4 Format in Fortnite Summer Skirmish series. This is a duos battle.

In this gameplay, you can see two players coordinating their shot so they can eliminate a player really fast before that player is able to build a defensive wall.

When playing in duos, especially in a tournament, you want to make sure you take very little risks and try to eliminate a player without getting into risky complicated build fights or any engagement that can end with you or your teammate being eliminated.

So if you play with a friend and coordinate with voice, make sure you shoot at a player at the same time. It's, of course, useful when the player doesn't see you and you have time to coordinate, but even if the player is aware of your location, it's better to coordinate shots to try to eliminate that play as fast as possible.