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Jumping down on low health

When you see Dark (Dakotaz) making that jump and gets eliminated, you probably asking yourself what the hell this Fortnite Player was thinking? I mean, at this halfway through the game, this is not the way you want to get eliminated, not like this.

Needless Risk

This play happened in Fortnite Battle Royale. Dark (Dakotaz) was looting the area, most probably looking for some medkits to replenish his health stat.

At that point before jumping, Dakotaz was literally on 12 health point (HP) only. You just breathe at him and he is eliminated. However, dakotaz felt like a Superman and decided to make that little jump down. He counted on his fast building skills but "the parachute didn't open" in that case, I mean, he was able to build fast enough and fell down and eliminated because of the fall damage. Sometimes people do mistakes and die from fall damage, it happens a lot in Fortnite. However, in this case, Dark had very little health and it was just too risky to make that little jump.

The shield doesn't absorb fall damage

Dakotaz was already on 100 shields and had 2 rare Shield Potions in his inventory. These shield potions restore 50 health but shield won't protect you from fall damage. The shield doesn't absorb fall damage, only fire damage, either from a bullet or explosion.

I'm sure dakotaz felt quite bad after dying like this. I'm sure if he was playing in a tournament, he wouldn't take any chance and just build a down ramp to move down or try to loot the upper area looking for medkits.

Should the fall damage be removed from the game?

Some Fortnite Battle Royale players think that the fall damage should be removed from the game entirely. However, I think it actually promotes more tactical gameplay and it's a perfect fit for the building mechanics, so players just won't run away from the high ground but just jumping down. This will ruin the whole idea of a bouncer that suppose to prevent fall damage once you use it.

Maybe the fall damage is a little excessive but overall, you can fall off three floors (square blocks) and still get no damage but if you fall from six floors you die. I general, I think it's very well balanced, no need to change that. Some other Fortnite players obviously think otherwise.

When you are in the same situation and have very low health, don't take a risk. You can either loot the upper area or just build a ramp down and move safely to a low ground, problem solved.