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Funny/WTF moments

Ninja kills Tim with an impulse grenade by mistake

In this clip, you can see Ninja killing TimTheTatMan using an impulse grenade. This was done by mistake of course and indirectly. Ninja was just about having fun with Tim and through the grenade to push him off the platform. Well, he didn't expect Tim to be completely knocked off and out because of that.

The impulse grenade is one of Ninja's most favorite items in Fortnite. He used it mainly for surprising an enemy with a fast jump move or when he needs to push himself quickly into the closing circle and that grenade helps him move forward faster. However, Ninja just loves pulling out some amazing plays with it.

In this case, he was just fooling around with Tim. As you can see, Tim wasn't even thinking about stopping the fall. When you come to think of it, this can be used to push off enemies from high ground as well, but usually top players know how to quickly build a platform to prevent fall damage, but new or inexperienced players might fall for it and won't be able to build a platform in time or be in a position where they can place a platform.

I personally don't use the impulse grenade because I just can't time that shots right whether I am in mid-air nor use it in a meaningful way. Most of the time I prefer moving fast into the next circle way before it shrinks but it's great seeing some top Fortnite Battle Royale players pulling out some great moves with it and having fun with it when not fighting.

Definitely, a funny WTF moment that worth your votes.