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Amazing plays

Revolver pistol mid-air headshot

In thisFortnite Battle Royale clip, we can see dakotaz (Dark) finishing his opponent with a green (uncommon) Revolver pistol Dakotaz was on a very low health and this was at the start of the battle where he still hasn't looted enough to gain good weapons.

This gun is very accurate and deals good damage (57 body/114 head). At this early point in the game, most players don't have a shield or haven't used it just yet. so essentially, it only takes one headshot to finish a player with full health or one shot to the body when that player is already low on health.

Now, at the start of the clip, both players already exchanged fire and dakotaz had 34 health yet. Now that other player rushes at him, pushing him with ramp and jumps in the air to shoot dakotaz. However, dakotaz carefully waits and aims and as you can see, he deals that 114 headshot damage and obliterate that opponent and eliminates him out of the game, all that happens while that guy is in mid-air and moving, amazing play!

Dakotaz didn't really have a lot he could have done in that situation. He literally had nothing on him but that Revolver pistol. If he missed that shot, he could have easily died there. IF that other player missed, he might have gotten a second chance because the reload time of the Revolver gun is 2.3 seconds, so there is a room for a second shot, but that shot had to be a headshot if he wanted to eliminate him with one shot. An opponent that rushes you like that obviously has a shotgun.

Dakotaz (Dark) won that engagement because he was positioned well and also he nailed that headshot spot on.