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Amazing plays

Optic Baldy pathing-control double barrel shotgun win

Amazing Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay by Optic_Baldy. You see the last moments of the circle in the storm, where the circle gets so small and it's just about second until the match will be concluded in one way or the other. In this point, Baldy knows that he has the advantage, health advantage. Tihs is exactly the opposite play of Chap's when he held the high ground and won after having more health than his opponents when the storm damage starts ticking. In this clip, the play is from the guy on the ground.

However, here I Optica_baldy expected his opponent to jump down as he enters the next circle. Baldy build ceilings to make sure that when the last opponent lands, he lands exactly where he wanted him to land, right in front of his shotgun. To do it, he blocks the path and leaves an opening for that player to fall down. When the player does jump down, he eliminates him with the shotgun straight away.

This is a fantastic pathing control. In this type of play, you want to build in a way that you can predict your opponent's movement and therefore can respond to his play in a more predictable way. This is a 200 IQ play no doubt about it, carefully executed tactical play by Optic Baldy.

If the other knew that he had a health advantage, he probably would shave tried to secure his high ground, however, this is very hard at this point, because the storm can move outside your location. You can see Optica_Blady quickly makes the first move towards the new circle and start building before his opponent does. Even if his opponent would have tried to build ceilings, he wouldn't be able to do it because than Baldy would just put more pressure on those builds. He eventually finishes him with the new Double Barrel Shotgun, cool play.