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Amazing plays

Chap win inside the storm last circle

In this Fortnite BR play, we can Liquid Chap continues holding his high ground until the circle is literally gone and the entire Fortnite map is just one big storm. At the end of the play Liquid Chap wins the match.

So why Chap didn't engage at this point and decided to block the other players by continuously building ceilings and roofs?

Chap did it because he knew that the guy is low on health because if he had health, he would probably heal by now. Now look at Chap's health bar, you can see it's full (100 HP). Now when you tick damage in the storm, the damage is reduced from your health at a very great pace of like 10 HP per second. This means that in 10 seconds you are dead. Furthermore, the shield is not going to help you out because the damage is done to your health and when the health reaches zero you are eliminated.

So what Chap did here, he was just making sure that the other player won't be able to shoot him, as well making sure both will stay in the storm and the other player dies first from storm tick damage.

The other player tries to eliminate the roof and put traps on the ground. He knows that he is low on health but he thinks, maybe, just maybe, that player will jump and try to finish him. Obviously, this didn't happen and Chap is a much smarter player to take a risky engagement when he is a moment away from winning. This is all tactics, playing smart with a sole objective of winning the match.

If you found yourself in the same situation where you know you have the upper hand, like having health campfire, medkits or higher health then your opponent and ability to heal more, you can follow the same strategy, but make sure you have both ceiling and roofs built to make it harder for your opponent to shoot through it. Even if the other player had C4 he couldn't use it because he was risking of injuring himself from the explosion radius in such a small circle. Maybe this is something that player should have thought earlier had he had C4 or any other explosive.

Overall, great play from Chap's side.