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Fortnite Legendary Double Barrel shotgun gameplay video

Fortnite Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun is insane, so overpowered at close range. Dakotaz is just melting with it. The weapon stats are overwhelming with 150 base damage for the Legendary variant of the gun, WTF. You can see that when you are even a bit further from your opponent and not shooting in a point-blank range, the damage is significantly reduced. So this is the type of weapons that you want to be very close to your opponent to take them out very quickly.

Epic Games mentioned in the v5.20 patch notes that this double barrel shotgun is devastating in close range but you really need to be close to your enemy to make the best of it. It definitely looks like the best close range weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale right now.

This is the first time I see the Legendary double barrel shotgun in play so I thought it would be nice to share that gameplay with you from dakotaz stream, so enjoy.