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Fortnite Double Barrel Shotgun Stats, Overpowered?

Dakotaz eliminating the final player with the Double Barrel Shotgun that was introduced to Fortnite Battle Royale in Patch v5.20. This shotgun is a monster (well, according to Dakotaz). It fires in bursts of two shots and based on the clip, the Double Barrel Shotgun epic variant dealt 143 damage to the body which is insane. According to the official patch page on Epic Games, this is a devastating weapon at close range and packs a punch with each of its 2 shots.

Now for the stats. The Double Barrel shotgun is available in both Epic and Legendary variants to pick up the battlefield and can be found in floor loot, chests, supply drops and vending machines. Its main downfall is that it doesn't do a good damage other than short-range distances, so you better off just using it in CQC than anything else. The gun fires 10 pellets like other shotguns but has a larger spread and lower critical damage multiplayer (1.25x) and a 2-second cooldown when you swap weapons. So this is how Epic Games balanced this gun, so it does not seem like the Double Barrel Shotgun is overpowered.

The Epic variant deals 143 base damage per shot at extremely close range and we can see it in the Twitch clip that is indeed the case. Dakotaz eliminates the guy in very close range and hits 143 damage to the body. The Legendary variant deals slightly higher damage of 150 base damage. Dakotaz had the epic version of that shotgun.

Overall, seems like the Double Barrel Shotgun is a very good gun in close range and not OP. Although I am sure that many players will cry that they want it nerfed, but honestly, I think it's not overpowered at all, just yet another great weapon for close range encounters.