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RazZzero0o great hiding spot in Summer Skirmish

In this Fortnite clip, we can see RazZzero0o making a very smart play. It was in Summer Skirmish solos on August 4th, 2018. Razer made a smart choice that instead of engaging in a fight, which who knows its results, he preferred holding on a safe location in a hut on the edges of the current circle, with a clear path to the next circle.

In fact, that clear place was at a very small corner in the hut, which no one thought that someone could actually be there.

When you play in a Fortnite solo tournament, sometimes you need to take risks, especially if you need more points and get those 4+ kills, sometimes you just need to stay safe. In this situation, RaAzerooOo had only 1 kill and with only 11 players left, I think at this point he just wanted to win a match and hopefully, because he was positioned well, maybe get some easy kills.

I personally think that this format should chance and players should be rewarded more for their kills, maybe like a point for every 2 kills, and more points when winning, just to promote better engagement than camping. The thing is that some players who are actually good, had no chance to have a comeback because that point system is so punishing and doesn't make it easy to come back after a relatively small point disadvantage.

This is why plays like this are quite common, even from a player like RazZzero0o who is at the time of writing is Rank 6 World Solo Fortnite player.

Of course, when this is the current format, the gameplay meta requires careful gameplay, especially when in small circles. You better give of some fights to other players and wait for gold opportunities to strike. Some players trust in their skills to be able to secure one of the top 3 places which reward points then risking of being eliminated with no enough kills that will reward them no points at all. Those little points goes a long way in the current Summer Skirmish tourney. I think the top player had only 9 points at the end while there were obviously many other players with 1 point or even no points at all.

No doubt that many people, including myself, when they saw that play they saw it as a very smart play. Like, let those other players eliminate each other. If you look at the clock on the right side you can see that there was only 0:46 seconds left until the next circle and Raze Zero was already in a very bad low ground place which gave him a disadvantage out in the open. Everything, including his current position, total numbers of players left, the next circle and his available weapons and amount of materials, lead him to make that move. Overall, very smart play, this is why people tagged it like 500IQ and 200IQ, they really liked that move

Sometimes as a viewer, I put myself in the shoes of the player and cheer the player for plays that I personally would have done in the same situation. I would definitely have wanted not to take any risk and die early and try my best to win the game, especially with only 10 other players left in the battlefield.

There is something to learn from how players play in tournaments. It's not like regular games that those player plays at home and they fight random players and just rush to kill. In tournaments, you fight against the best Fortnite players in the world, so when you engage, you can die really fast without even having the opportunity to asses the danger. This is why I think that the point system is very harsh because it's very hard to get 4 or more kills in a match where all players are top Fortnite Battle Royale players and know to play no less than you do.

For example, if Razer Zero had decided to engage, he might have to fortify, and this means that he might have no option to easily move out to the next circle. Usually, in this type of situation where players rotate from one small circle to the other, this is the best time to try to secure kills. Most of the kills actually happen in that storm transition phase. This is why this is the best time to find a good position and try to surprise your enemies and secure some kills.

At this point, RazZzero0o could have achieved extra 3 kills. If he plans to win, he knows that one kill is secured (the last kill), and all he needs to do is get two more kills, which isn't hard considering its current location.

That move was carefully calculated and no wonder Razer is placed at the top 10 Fortnite Battle Royale players in the world because he doesn't take unnecessary risks and takes advantage of everything that can help him move closer to win the match and get the upper hand in the battlefield.