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DrLupo Matrix-style Aerial Gunfight

I really liked that Fortnite Twitch clip. You can see DrLupo jumping in the air using the bouncer pad and his opponent also jumps in the air. When both in the air they go on a Matrix-style gunfight, the opponent uses a shotgun, DrLupo (smarter) takes the SCAR and finishes him in the air WITH STYLE! Really cool aerial matrix-style gunfight.

The Fortnite Battle Royale unique slow motion (slo-mo) effect makes that play looks so cool. I think that if it wasn't with that slo-mo it wouldn't look such a badass play. This is why Epic Games added this feature, such geniuses. This really makes every last kill worthwhile. It's also beautiful to see how the items fall down from the eliminated player from the air onto the ground in slow motion.

Regarding that play, DrLupo could easily have been eliminated if that guy had landed a headshot with the shoty, but because he was moving in mid-air, this made it harder for that person to aim to the head and usually players in that particular situation will aim to the largest mass part of the body, at the center, rather than the head.