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Funny/WTF moments

Dakotaz and Yelo responsible lifeguards OMEGALUL

Look what Dakotaz and Yelo do to a poor Fortnite player who his drowning in the pool, instead of acting like responsible lifeguards, they eliminate him while he is drowning. OK, just kidding, but this clip is very funny because when you see that Fortnite player in the pool it looks like he is drowning and needs help, then yo usee DK and Yelo storming at him like there is no tomorrow and putting him off his misery.

Part of the fun watching dakotaz streaming is that his Twitch streams are full of these type of funny moments. He doesn't miss any opportunity to make fun of noobs/newbies and have a good time with his viewers, even if it can cost him his game.

However, this is when he plays alone, when he teams up with Yelo, these two Fortnite players in duos game mode are very hard to beat. Each one has thousands of hours in Fortnite easy, so they just go online to have fun and entertain their viewers. Obviously, like any other Fortnite Battle Royale player, they want to win each match, but when you play so many hours of the same game, you try to create fun moments for yourself. Luckily in Fortnite BR, there are so many newbies that have no idea what they are doing and have no die show to aim a gun. When you see such people, you try to make this engagement more fun and even give them a chance to subdue you, if they can OMEGALUL.