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Funny/WTF moments

Loeya "It's pretty bad", seconds later gets the kill

In this Fortnite clip, Loeya things she is in a bad situation and that guy over there is going to make that fight very difficult for her. That guy has the high ground and she probably needs to push. She said after she won that she thought it's not going to be easy I personally don't know why because she is such an amazing Fortnite BR player.

The funny thing is that you can see at the start of the clip she says: "..this is pretty bad.". Then she starts getting ready to push, but first, she stops and tries to get some snipe opportunities. She moves to the right build some walls and the first headshot she released she gets him, "One shot, One Kill" - Overwatch Widowmaker 2018.

Well, it wasn't that bad after all LOL. It's funny when those moments happen. I actually love when Loeya gets into an intense build battle because I love those type of plays, but from what I've seen she had a headache today so she needed a rest and probably wasn't into any intensive battle. Well, so I was happy that this was an easy win for her. OK, going back to eat, she goes back on Stream in about three hours from now, one of my favorite Fortnite streamers hands down.