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Sniper shots

Loeya showcasing her amazing sniper skills

In this Fortnite clip, you can see Loeya completely on fire, super accurate with her snipes, able to take down two opponents, one far on the mountain other one jumping like a rabbit come at her direction. I know, you might think "ah, this is a casual Loeya play", but I think this was just insane. These two snipes are very hard to execute, let alone making those headshots and eliminating the two enemies.

The first sniper shot kill is from 125 meters in a high angle, jiz that shot was amazing. A few seconds later a rabbit, I mean an opponent appears jumping up and down, Loeya aimed and releases a perfect headshot, BOOM, that guy is eliminated out of the game. Honestly, if there was a third shot, I would say it's an impossible play.

I've been following Loeya's stream for quite some time because she plays amazingly well and her streams are fun entertaining as well. She is an amazing Fortnite Battle Royale player that deserve so much more viewers in my opinion. The best thing I can do is show the world how amazing Fortnite player she is so more people will check her stream.

She is winning very frequently. She is a very calculated player, making cool trickshots and great in build battles. You can visit her Twitch channel here.