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Fortnite High Wall Small Fence Snipe trick

First time I see this sniper trick in Fortnite Battle Royale. In this clip, you can see Loeya tricking a player of thinking that she is putting high walls to escape, but after a few of them, she builds a small fence instead and surprised the shooter with a perfect headshot kill. 200 IQ elimination right there!

200 IQ play ladies and gentlemen. Just look at this clip again and see why the element of surprise is so important in Fortnite and you probably should practice it more. It's all about making unexpected moves so your plays are unpredictable and you can, therefore, surprise your opponent.

The thing is with the trick is that the other person was not aiming at Loeya but at the walls that she built, just to put pressure on her and hopefully even get a headshot. That gave Loeya a small time window when she knew that she has 2-3 seconds to aim at the enemy while he or she was reloading. Look how she positions herself for the shot a split of a second after that opponent's shot is heard. This is why there isn't any shot why she is more exposed and she is able to take advantage of that silence window to eliminate her enemy.

I call it "High Wall, Small Fence snipe trick". This is something that should be added to the Fortnite guidebook so more players can practice and execute this technique. Seriously, this is a very smart play that allows you to both escape from a shooter but also get a chance to shoot back and hopefully get an elimination on the way.