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Ninja very intensive Fortnite 4-minute battle

This was one of the most intensive Fortnite Battle Royale engagements I've seen for quite some time. Ninja was fighting against another player like four and half minutes until the battle ended in favor of Ninja and he won the match.

This match took place at Lollapalooza Day 3, a music event where Ninja was streaming from. Ninja had a problem in this fight because the other player had a rocket launcher. Ninja got a big hit straight from the start of that engagement and needed to back off. That player forces Ninja to play from far and fortify. Usually, Ninja prefers to push and finish those engagements up close and fast, but this one took a very long time to finish.

Ninja didn't even have a chance to use the shotgun. That guy kept spamming rocket. Ninja wanted to bait the guy to go down and at one point he did but he kept his distance. This gave Ninja some time to heal up and get some shield. AT that point Ninja was more confident to push forward, but it was still very hard because of those rockets.

The circle, as you can see in the video, was actually in favor of the other guy who had the high ground on the hill, but there was a path which Ninja took advantage of that allowed him to push up the hill and built a fort. When running up the hill, the other guy had a blind spot and he couldn't see Ninja coming up. He wanted to push to the left to prevent Ninja from climbing, but this was too late.

At this point, Ninja took out the P90 Compact SMG and shred him to pieces, including all the structures he built. All Ninja needed was enough health and shield, as well as get close to the guy to start putting some heavy pressure. Once he did, this is Ninja's comfort zone and he usually doesn't lose in these type of close engagements.

That was a very intensive engagement and I really enjoyed watching it. I highly recommend watching this. It's not a short clip, but trust me, it's a really fun build battle with a sweet ending.

Everybody in the chat was like so anxious, the chat was almost silent for that period, it's was like watching a thriller. Even Ninja released a relief breath because how intensive that fight was and I think he was happy that it was finally over.