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Amazing plays

Eliminated just before landing on a jump pad

Ninja beautiful Fortnite BR victory royale at Lollapalooza, eliminating a player in mid-air with the shotgun before he escapes using the jump pad.

Before that Ninja tried a few trick shots that didn't work but was a nice try. Well, at least if you weren't able to pull off that out-of-this-world play make something nice and he did.

Ninja was searching this guy all over, and it was actually at the edge of the circle hiding behind a little notch in a structure. This is the last place Ninja thought of checking but after searching the whole place, this was the only place left. A second later you see that player moving out as the circle was about to close in.

Ninja tried to snipe him, hit the body then the player rushes to the ramp to escape. At this point, Ninja could have eliminated him easily or even shoot the ramp to make him fall, but as a big Ninja fan and other fans, be expect Ninja to pull out some cool moves not just make a game finish with an unexciting finish. The thing is that most of the time Ninja does deliver.

The great part of this play is how Ninja was able to eliminate him literally a second before he landed on the bouncer pad and while Ninja was still in mid-air and in that slo-mo you can see Ninja slowly landing on the ramp while his opponent eliminated and roasted in mid-air - what a beauty!

In this play, Ninja was streaming at Lollapalooza, a music event in Chicago and he was invited to stream there. I actually find it quite noisy in the background and I prefer watching him streaming in his home where it's quiet and we can just enjoy a pleasant stream without any background noise. Anyways, I am happy for him that he gets invited to all those events and spreading the word of Fortnite and building a name for himself.