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Epic fails

Trick shot attemp failed LOL

FaZe Replays gets fall damage and knocked down after attempting a bouncer trick shot on the last player. Replays flayed alongside his teammate TTV xBombs. When you are that good in Fortnite, you don't want to just end the game regularly, you want to do it with an awe-inspiring trick shot that will get you tens of thousands of views, thus virality, followers, and subscribers. It's also more entertaining to your viewers because they like to watch those things.

Having said that, FaZe Replays was so into it, that they just spent 10 minutes coordinating a play and not killing the last guy. It's kind of abuse, I feel sorry for that last guy who had to run no knowing that his fate was sealed already when he started playing the match. FaZE Replay is an insanely good player, one of the fastest players on Fortnite Battle Royale when it comes to building, aiming and combining moves, he is just insane.

If he dies in the game, it's only because he did a mistake, not because someone else actually killed him.

In that play that you see, both he and his buddy were building up trying to locate the player and used bouncer pads to make trick shots. He did have some nice attempts but they weren't successful.

Yelo, for example, was able to pull off two amazing 360 pickaxe turn snipe victory royale plays on August 4th (yesterday) and it was just beautiful to watch. This is the first one, and this is the second one.

The thing is that when you browse the Fortnite clips for a particular streamer and see that move, you think, OMG, this is the best player in the world, I can't believe that he was able to make that shot, so epic. However, you don't count the many failures that they had, and they had plenty of that trust me.

That being said, it still super hard to execute this, especially for victory royale where everyone wants to see that beautiful slo-mo finish and this is why everyone is trying to do those trickshots at the end of the match with the last standing player and not just during the match. Some do try it during the match and actually get some really amazing picturesque snipes. During the mid-game, you have more unique opportunities to pull off a great looking snipe because the circle is large.

This is also why we all appreciate such amazing trick shots because it's hard to do it in a small area, especially when the last player is on a defensive player and you have the building option where that player can hide from you.

Anyways, cool fail OMEGALUL but I'm sure if I look at FaZe Replays clip's portfolio I will find plenty of amazing trick shots that he was able to pull out successfully.