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Yelo 900-degree bouncer pad snipe trickshot

Yelo with yet amazing Fortnite Battle Royale's bouncer pad hunting rifle elimination while in mid-air. This is not the first time I've seen Yelo pulling off a trick shot like that. In this one, he does 1080-degree turn with a pickaxe and then eliminates the last person with a hunting rifle.

In this Fortnite BR video clip, Yelo is playing with Scythe and Replays. This move was coordinated with his friends. He asked his friends: "He is still there?" and when he hears "Yes" he knows this is the time to execute his move He bounces off the bouncer pad does 2x360 and 180, so it's a 900-degree mid-air turn and shoots with his hunting rifle (like in that other play) and eliminates that last guy for victory royale in Fortnite Battle Royale.

If you listen to the clip, Yelo said that this is the first one he actually hit in a week and a half but the thing is that the previous video I liked to above, this happened also on August 4th, so actually Yelo did that trick two times in the same day (not in the same match obviously because both were for victory royale).

It seems that he mastered that hunting rifle mid-air shot technique and perfect it to a high degree. This is such a hard shot that you can easily miss. Of course, it looks amazing every time you see it, well done Yelo, respect!

The most important thing here is to be able to stabilize back after doing a turn. You can see that he does calculate turn wit ha slight pause between them. If you do it like continuous turns, you might get disoriented and have no idea where the player is and miss that shot. It's all about knowing how to move the mouse in the right degree every time to pull off a full 360 turn.

If you look at how he does that, he doesn't even need to micro-adjust that aiming, he is spot on that guy's head the moment he finishes the last turn, which is amazing. Pro skills right there, just no words and so beautifully executed.