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Amazing plays

DKokholm Great structure analysis and surprise attack

A fantastic play by DKokholm who have reached the final 1vs1 in Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4 (Day 1). That player was really amazing all the way and that impulse grenade play earlier was out of this world.

DKokholm knew where the other player is because the storm circle was very small and there was only one place that the other player could have been and this is at the bottom of the tower where it's the safest for him. He knew that the player is expecting him and of course, the only way to win this is with a shotgun because of the very close range that engagement is going to be.

The main advantage he has here is the element of surprise and he makes excellent use of it. He jumps down and quickly shoots the last player with his shotgun and wins the match.

Now, look at the construction at the base. There are two open places on the left and front. The reason the other guy didn't block one of them is to not allow the other player to know where's the best place to attack. However, DKokholm guessed that the guy would be in the corner. Look how it looks at both directions to understand the how the base of the structure is built before choosing a side and jumping down. He eventually decided to jump for the front and indeed the other player is waiting in the corner, where he expected him to be.

Great play, great analysis of the structure, great use of the elements of surprise and great execution for a sweet and important win which grants him 2+ points (for victory royale).