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Amazing plays

Impulse grenade pushes player into the storm

DKokholm with an amazing impulse grenade (sometimes called pulse bomb) play that throws an opponent, Solary Konstaar, into the storm and then finishing him off with the Tommy Gun Rifle. That play took place at Fortnite's Summer Skirmish Week 4 (Day 2) event, Where top Fortnite BR players from Europe are fighting against each other for the grand prizes.

What makes this play great is that DKokholm new where the other player is, but at one point he couldn't seem him, therefore, couldn't shoot him. Instead, he throws an impulse grenade on the ground which pushes Solary Kinstaar into the storm and into an open space and from there it's an easy kill.

I can't recall a player using this tactical play before. Usually, players use the impulse grenade to push themselves forward or push enemy from a higher point down to the ground (hopefully taking damage fall).

This time, the impulse grenade was used to take a player outside of a hiding spot and push him into the storm. Such a smart play and it was used at the right moment where the storm circle was very small. Well played Dkokholm.