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Shroud shoots Flying Car Hacker in PUBG

Shroud eliminating a hacker in a flying car in PUBG. This video clip was captured on July 21st, 2018. As you can see in this video, there is a car flying around in the sky. This isn't something legit like when you see a car flying on a battlefield because of an explosion of something this is a hack. This is a modification of the code that makes the car fly in the sky. The hack modifies the car location and sends it to the server thus to other players, making it appear in the sky and not on the ground as it should be.

That car hacker seems to be infesting PUBG recently and Shroud had enough of this crap and decided to end it. He pinpointed the driver and shot him down. Once the driver is down, and the car is down, he also eliminates his teammates, mission accomplished.

Shroundin one time also got into a car with a hacker by mistake and got banned for it, that's what I've read.

Anyways, Shroud is not the type of players that will do anything to cheat, he is a professional player and a very respect streamer.

That shot was really amazing and it's a hard shot to make, as the car keeps moving and levitating up and down but Shroud is no amateur and he was able to take that driver down even while the car was moving in mid-air.

I first thought PUBG developer will be able to fix that hack, but it seems that according to the developer, it is hard to fix that type of hack but they are working on it. I personally think that they just need to detect whether the car is above a certain height, but maybe this type of calculation is too heavy and get lead to lags or something, I am not sure.

Anyway, this clip got close to 400K views on Twitch.