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Sniper shots

Dakotaz "Peek-a-boo" window snipe win

This is yet another amazing snipe made by dakotaz as we can see in this Twitch clip. Dakotaz was in a 1vs1 situation in single mode. It was a standoff situation, he was fortified in one place and his enemy around 60 meters in front of him.

In this type of situation where every side has a sniper rifle, it's a peek-and-snipe type of game. Each side tried to make a quick peek and release an accurate snipe and hopes that it will be a headshot and eliminate the other player.

This is a risky play that can end badly for either side. The reason for this is that the moment you peek, you might get shot.

The best way to play in this type of situation is to reposition yourself and make quick peeks, so you don't peek in a place where the other player expects you to appear. Of course, you can use other types of items to help you out like a grenade or rocket launcher, but I am talking at a sniping scenario in case you don't have explosives or don't want to push using those.

The beauty of that play is that dakotaz entered the build mode to quickly create a window on the wall and surprise the enemy from an angle he didn't expect. Dakotaz quickly aimed at the enemy that at that point in time, was aiming towards the top of the ramp on the left side, rather than focusing on the right side. He releases a quick snipe that eliminates the enemy and wins him the game. I call this type of play "Peek-a-Book snipe".

This structure modification tactic is used by many players in Fortnite Battle Royale. It's kind of a more advanced play because you sometimes need to quickly switch between build mode and shooting mode. We see this usually in build battles or at a late game stage where players need to quickly navigate through a structure maze or surprise their teammates without leaving any obvious building marks on the scene where they are, When you modify a structure, it's a silent play and the other player or players have no idea of that play, unlike building which leaves a very visible mark that sends a signal of your current location.