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Amazing plays

Liquid Poach great win at Summer Skirmish

Team Liquid's POACH with a fantastic game, he eliminates the last three players with his Tommy Gun. At the end of the Summer Skitmishsolo Week 4 Day 1 event, POACH took second place and Notvivid took the top position with 9 points.

Poach is such a fantastic player with amazing fast reacting time and great situation awareness that helped him so much in this tournament. Reverse2k_TTV had the most eliminations and took $50K.

I didn't know about Poach before but after seeing him in the Summer Skirmish I went to Twitch and follow his channel, I recommend you do so as well. He said he plays solos every day so it's great to have another amazing Fortnite battle royale player on your list to watch in your free time.

By the way, that Tommy gun elimination in mid-air was amazing. POACH is very aware of his mistakes in the Summer Skirmish and talked about them in the stream. I can definitely learn a lot from how his play, very tactical player who doesn't rush straight away and always makes calculated plays, it was just beautiful to watch him play.

The best time to get kills is at the end where players are rotating across zones and therefore he preferred to play slow and show up at those exact moment where he has a chance to secure kills and surprise his enemies without risking being eliminated.