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Ninja's weirdest win in Fortnite ever

Some say this defeat will remain a mystery. In this clip, Ninja wins the game in a very weird way. He shoots the last player but didn't knock him down. After a few second, Ninja received a victory. So what happened there?

Looking at the kill feed it says something like Moisty Merman[494] eliminated [some player] with a great fall (15m). I don't know what this means exactly, as Ninja was the last standing player alongside the guy who he was fighting against.

This the elimination was credited to the guy who damaged that player before Ninja because Ninja just shot his shield.

What we can assume is that that player did indeed fall from 15 m and was eliminated due to falling damage and that's what lead to Ninja win the round.

I can't think of any other better explanation that can explain what happened there. The kill feed should tell the story and this is what I understand from what I've seen.

You can see on Ninja's face that he was very surprised to see that happen. He actually started building a ramp and start pushing this guy instead of letting him camp until the next circle stage starts. He saw that this player had no idea what he was doing and he was just jumping all over the place and got hit almost every single time

Against those type of players you just push, you don't wait. Anyway, a WTF moment that made many people in the just stunned.

What do you guys think, how did that player lose?