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Funny/WTF moments

Realm Royale double chicken 1vs1 fight

Such a funny moment of Thor ( playing Realm Royale. ThorDG is Twitch part broadcaster and now broadcast for Realm Royale. In this Twitch clip, you can see Thor and another player get double chicken in a 1vs1 fight. It usually doesn't happen that two players get to become chicken in 1vs1, usually one gets chickens and runs and the other player runs after him to eliminate him.

In this play, they both eliminated each other at the same exact time (more or less), so both have become chickens. Now it's really funny to watch because as chickens (or dragon or whatever animal you use instead of chicken), they can't do anything to each other just move around. You can see that they stay close to each other, until a few seconds before they are automatically revived than they start fighting again.

It's like a parody on the wild west standoffs, really funny. Thor was able to secure a kill after both players were revived.

If you turn into a chicken in a regular fight, you better off start running and find a place to hide. Usually if it's indoors, the chances of survival are really slim but if it's outdoors and you have a teammate in your squad, you can still run in his direction and hide, hopefully, your teammate will fight and give you enough time until you are revived. It really depends on where you are on the map. Some areas like the desert are very open and you don't have a lot of places to hide, others provide more cover and you will be able to survive until revived.

a Funny Realm Royale moment and I wanted to share this with you.

I recommend following the official Realm Royale Twitch channel, so you know when Thor streams or when a tournament takes place. Right now where many companies release their battle royale games, they push out many tournaments, and Realm Royale is no exception. It's actually one of the more entertaining battle royale games right now. Highly recommended, oh, and it's coming to PS4 soon if it's not already by the time you read it.